DIY Carpet Cleaning – Is it Really Worth It?

I understand DIY. I really do. We at Green Solutions are home owners and do almost everything ourselves from landscaping to a full blown bathroom remodel that included all new plumbing, electric and ripping up the entire subfloor. We even removed a wall, added floor joints and reframed to make the bathroom bigger. We did everything ourselves, except the drywall.

So why would I not expect everyone to do their own carpet cleaning? Good question.

Here’s how the story goes for most folks that want to clean their own carpet to save money:

  1. They drive to Harrisonburg (mileage) to rent (money) the machine and buy one or two bottles of their recommended cleaning agents (more money) to go with the machine.
  2. They wrestle the machine into the car, hopefully without damaging the interior. Note the rental return deadline. Now they are on the clock to get this thing back.
  3. If they’re lucky, there’s a readable copy of the instructions for the DIY carpet cleaning rental. If they’re REALLY lucky, the last person followed them. If the last person didn’t, their carpets might end up in worse condition than they already are.
  4. Now that the rental carpet cleaning machine is turned on, they attempt to removed the dirt,  spots and stains from their carpet. This is where the rubber really meets the road. The technicians at Green Solutions have IICRC certification on how to properly clean carpet. The average American does not have training for this. It is not as easy as it looks and you really need to know a few things or it is possible to turn a spot into a permanent stain. Unfortunately, this is often discovered too late.
  5. About five minutes in, they start realizing the workout they’re getting lugging the carpet cleaning rental around their house. One of the first things that I noticed when I entered the Carpet Cleaning world was this. I no longer need to go to the GYM! This is hard work and it is not going to be easy for the DIY pro to pull that machine around for a few hours. If you do decide to go this route, you are welcome to call me, Barry 540-705-6171, and I can recommend a great Chiropractor here in Harrisonburg.
  6. Wait. No, really, wait, sometimes for days for the carpet to dry. Rental carpet cleaning units overwet your carpet and it can cause your carpeted rooms to have a musty smell for a few days until they’re completely dry. When you choose Green Solutions Carpet and Uphosltery, typically ,your carpets will be dry in just a few hours.

In the end, even after all of the hassle, you cannot guarantee your own work. At Green Solutions, we do guarantee our work.

Our local carpet and upholstery cleaning services are not as expensive as you might think. We remove the fear of price with a free in-home estimate for your convenience. No pressure sales. More than likely I, Barry, will be the one doing the in home estimate. I am not a very good sales person but I would like to think I am above par as a carpet cleaner.

How valuable is your TIME? Now you know why I did not do the drywall myself. Some things are better left to the expert. I know a guy who does a fantastic job for a fair price.

We really can help you have a clean beautiful home for less than you think. Read some of our reviews on Google or here our website and make your decision.

Barry Click
Owner and Chief Dirt Remover at Green Solutions.