Rental Property Carpet Cleaning

Do You Own Rental Properties?

If you own or manage 1 to 1000 rental properties, we can help.
We understand the business and the needs that you have as a property manager. Many of our clients live hours away from Harrisonburg and simply let us take care of the carpet cleaning for them.

Why make a special trip to Harrisonburg just for carpet cleaning, when all you have to do is call us!

Are You Renting?

Getting ready to leave your rental? Want to get the floors looking like they were when you moved in?

Under current Virginia law, your landlord can dock your security deposit for the cost of cleaning your carpets!

Get it taken care of before you move! Call Green Solutions!

“Barry cleaned up a townhouse that I listed as a REALTOR for Kline May. Could not believe the results!!! Every square inch of the flooring needed to be cleaned and we went from expecting to replace all the carpet to only replacing one bedroom where there are burn marks. Barry is great to work with and I will definitely be using his services in the future!”Michael H
“Green Solutions Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning LLC Did a wonderful job when I moved out of my rental. Fast, Efficient, Nice, Great attitude, and over all just a really great job. My landlord loved the carpets at inspection time. All for the best price i found in Harrisonburg.”Bradley M